Anti-Aging Peptide (Sample Pack)


The Sample Pack contains a 5 day supply of Anti-Aging Peptide. 

Lunasin® is the active ingredient in LunaMD Anti-Aging Peptide. It is a naturally occurring peptide that has been clinically shown to promote longevity by inhibiting the 3 core mechanisms of cellular aging: telomere shortening (telomerase), ribosomal DNA shortening (sirtuins), and heterochromatin instability.

Other Lunasin® advantages include:

  • Reducing HMG-CoA and decreasing cholesterol without interfering with biological functions.
  • Stimulating immune cell receptors, hence improving infection resistance.
  • Lowering levels of Free Fatty Acid (FFA), a critical indicator for metabolic disorders and obesity.
  • Blocking free radical and NF-kB protein receptors to combat inflammation caused by physical exertion.
  • Increasing leptin and adiponectin, which are responsible for the sensation of fullness after eating.

Clinical Studies